TOUGHER George: Private 24015: 2nd Battalion: London Gazette 18.7.1917, for devotion to duty on 28th May 1917,
 (Exeter Castle), in a raid on the Hair Pin Craters,
 by your great courage in returning to the enemy trenches in broad daylight after a raid was over,
and staying there for 10 minutes looking for an officer who was supposed to have been left behind wounded.

A Rawlinson June 1917 Major General- Commander 6th Division

War Diary

28th At 5am we carried out a raid consisting of 6 officers and 133 other ranks on the enemy front and support line
trenches between G.11.b 92/40 and G.12.a. 23/26 (Quarries).
All objectives were reached, the raiders remained in the German Trenches for the prescribed length of time (27 Minutes)
and blew in several dugouts with mobile charges.
11 German bodies were left in the trench and 1 German who was wounded and ran into a dugout had a mobile charge
thrown into the dugout after him.
2 German prisoners (unwounded) were brought back.
The artillery barrage was excellent but several casualties were caused by the enemy retaliation with minnies.
Killed 9 O.Rs died of wounds
2 O.Rs wounded 1 officer and 2 O.Rs of the wounded 5 remained on duty.
The officer wounded was 2nd Lieut. Cousins. 2nd Lieut. D’arras who was detailed to put up a bombe barrage was
slightly wounded in the wrist just before the raid, but carried on with his task and is at duty.
In Command Major C.L Addison-Smith
O.C Assault - Lt. W.A Platt
Os.C Parties - 2nd Lts. Wildbore, Patterson, Trohear, Whiteleg.
2nd Lt. Cousins who had previously patrolled the ground led the raiders over.

George back in Belgium
Notts & Derby

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