This site is dedicated to George Tougher MM, who won his medal in the 1914 -18 world war with an act of bravery. The site includes details of the military medal, his citation, maps of the area and pictures, and the dedication given to him in St Georges Memorial Church, Ypres.

Please follow the George Tougher link for more details.

In the Notts & Derby page, you will find more information about the regiment. I have included a brief history of the regiment, and other information gathered from various sources such as books and other enthusiasts of the Sherwood Foresters.

Great War Links is a compilation of other web sites dedicated to the Great War & other Wars.

Hello Tommy is a site that will enable you to compile your own trench tours, the site has 4 day tours that can be put together to make a very interesting short break. Should you be interested in the Great war and always wanted to find out more, this is a great place to start.

The site includes all the information you will need such as:



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Notts & Derby
Notts & Derby Regiment

Notts & Derby Regiment- The alternative home for the Sherwood Foresters - George Tougher MM, Ypres and Belgium also known as Leper and wipers - Thiepval, Flanders field museum, details of accommodation, tourist information and how to get around with easy to use maps. Details of the Sherwood foresters, derby regiment. details of a military medal winner, with citation and medals to view. hello tommy free battlefields guides, trench tours, great war links, world war one information, passendael, 1914 - 1918 information. hooge crater and museum, Flanders fields.